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In this interview ROCKETSHP CMO Mark Hayes sits down with Thadeu Diz, the co-founder and creative director of Zee.Dog.

Learn more about the Zee.Dog brand, how it got to where it is and where it is going.

In This Episode

  • Who Thadeu is and what Zee.Dog is about
  • The inspiration behind Zee.Dog
  • How Zee.Dog gives back to dogs
  • The importance of profit for growth
  • What happens to a pet if it doesn’t get adopted
  • Funding
  • Roadblocks Thadeu ran into and how he worked through them
  • Growth at Zee.Dog
  • Zee.Dog vending machines
  • AB testing in real world environments
  • Showing casing a brand online
  • Building a global community of dog lovers
  • Dogs on social media
  • Optimizing social media posts
  • Selling a dream and a lifestyle
  • Getting people to activate as clients and referrals
  • Brand retention 
  • Spending money to learn

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