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You’ve invested all that time and effort (not to mention marketing dollars) into acquiring your new user.

Now you need to ensure that you don’t lose them at one the most crucial steps of the process: activation.

To make the onboarding experience delightful and show your app in a good light, the user’s first interaction needs to go as smoothly as if it were a great first date (which it kind of is).

You definitely don’t want to be that awkward guy with the ketchup stain on his shirt or that girl whose profile pic bears no semblance to reality.

As with real dates, you can forget about getting to second base unless you ‘hit it out of the park’ on the first one.

So, if your landing page is cluttered or your user is left alone to entertain him or herself then don’t expect any home runs or grand slams any time soon.

To avoid making these rookie mistakes and ‘break the ice’ with your new users faster, follow these best-practice user onboarding guidelines.

See how the likes of Twitter, Optimizely, Kickstarter, and others have gotten it right – so that you can steal their best moves…

Before you know it, your onboarding process will become the SaaS equivalent of a date with George Clooney (minus the 5-star restaurant bill)!


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