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What’s that?

“Yet another compendium of Atari-era marketing tactics!”

We hear you softly groan to yourself.

“Aren’t there enough guides on growth hacking floating about the internet already?”, you then rightfully ask aloud.

“There’s blah and blah and blah, and then there’s also blah, blah, blah”.


No, really, we know that and – just like you – we’ve read most of them.

But Where Is All the Cool New S@#t?

But you know what? After pouring over far too many blog posts and needlessly shoveling through various resources created by an ever-growing cadre of ’growth hack3rz’, we got sick of coming across the “same ol’, same ol’“ examples.

Just because Hotmail did something considered to be a marketing “hack” in the ’90s doesn’t mean that it is just as relevant in today’s cut-throat startup world saturated with SaaS startups of every which flavor.

What about all of the new and shiny tactics that cutting-edge marketers are using to blaze today’s growth hacking trails?

Or, to put it another way: “where is all of the cool new s@#t?”

As it turns out, scattered across the far (and not so far) reaches of the startup blogosphere.

The Quest for the ‘Growth Hacking Holy Grails’

After doing some further digging through the digital startup catacombs, we realized that there is no single, regularly-updated resource of startup marketing hacks.

So, as any true entrepreneurial type would do, we decided that this is not good enough.

It was time to launch our own quest for the ‘Growth Hacking Holy Grails’ out there!

Launch said quest we did and the result is this collection of modern growth hacking case studies.

Our aim was to complement the more established resources already available and, if you’re a die-hard Growth Jedi Master, then you may have seen these hacks referenced elsewhere.

However, the format that we’ve adopted will still make for worthwhile and educational reading.

How’s that for a double cheese pizza?


And while we don’t make any claims that using the hacks in this ‘Sourcebook’ will turn you into a startup marketing Michael Jordan, our hope is that you’ll at least be able to sink a few three-pointers by the time you’ve gone through it.

Now lace up your standard-issue startup founder flip-flops (we know you can’t afford Air Jordans yet), it’s game time!


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