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While Slack was initially set up with the intention to ease communication between coworkers, it seems to have become the new social network where people are spending their workdays, slowly making its way outside of our professional lives.

There’s no denying its popularity; it has 4 million daily active users, with 77 of the Fortune 100 companies using the app and the average user keeping it running for ten hours a day.

While the platform is great for staying in constant contact with your team, you can do a lot more than simply send each other messages, especially when integrating productivity tools.

As more and more businesses discover its real potential, teams are using the app to make their working lives easier, more productive and pleasant.

Here are seven ways you can use Slack to supercharge your SaaS startup.

Set Up Remote Meetings

Holding standup meetings can be a bit of a nightmare and often don’t get the attention or participation you would like.

Well, Tatsu aims to change all that.

This Slack plugin is designed to help teams hold remote meetings, without everyone having to take part at the same time.

It’s quite simple; you set up meetings with your channel and ask participants predefined questions, one at a time.

Each participant will be asked a question, and while you can skip someone, it will automatically return to any missed members once the rotation is complete.

If anyone is ‘out of office,’ they can be dismissed for the day. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone takes part in the meeting, offering you plenty of flexibility in terms of timing.

Integration: Tatsu

Monitor Your Startup’s Growth

When you’ve got a startup, one of your most important metrics is going to be growth.

Having an easy way to track it every morning will help your team to understand how the business is doing and keep them focused on what matters.

That’s precisely what Growth Report aims to provide.

You can connect it to your existing analytics accounts, Mixpanel or Amplitude, and obtain simple charts that demonstrate everything from weekly growth to retention and user engagement.

Find out if you are hitting your weekly goals, how many new users have signed up, how many have stuck around and keep track of engagement, all in an easy to view format.

Integration: Growth Report

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business

If you want to optimize your startup, then you want a tool that will provide you with an advanced understanding of your business through instant, valuable SaaS metrics, without getting bombarded with messages and reports.

You have the choice of what reports you want to see and how often, whether that’s on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Stay in the loop with instant notifications for all key events and view key metrics using at-a-glance dashboards.

It’s a huge time-saver and gets rid of a lot of the manual work that often goes into SaaS reporting.

Get intelligent projections with their forecasting tool, increase sales by finding the best leads, and recover lost revenue with customizable email templates.

Integration: Baremetrics

Create a Productivity Powerhouse

When you often have several projects on the go, keeping on top of them and ensuring a seamless and collaborative workflow isn’t always easy.

Trello combines collaboration and communication to create the ultimate productivity powerhouse.

You can easily gain a perspective on any project, without ever having to leave Slack, with the easy-to-use Trellobot.

If your team has come up with an idea, you can quickly turn it into actionable items on Trello, getting the ball rolling with a simple click.

It’s an excellent time saver as you don’t have to go through the hassle of switching from app to app.

Join boards and cards, update due dates, edit labels, assign team members, and more, all within Slack.

Integration: Trello

Quickly Schedule Meetings

Finding the time to set up a meeting can be a real hassle, especially when it’s between several participants.

It takes a lot of planning and organizing, with everyone having to check their schedules to ensure they can attend.

The Meekan Scheduling Assistant aims to make the process quick and pain-free, by matching everyone’s calendars and finding common free times in an instant.

It shows you a list of options and even suggests the best time to do it, leaving it up to you to book your favorite.

You can do it all within Slack, across different time zones, with the easy option to reschedule if necessary.

Use it with iCloud, Google, and Office 365 Calendars.

Integration: Meekan Scheduling Assistant

Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be truly powerful information for a startup.

Identify which parts of your business you are getting right, and which areas could use a little work, with actionable feedback from those that matter most.

With Delighted, you can gather real feedback in minutes.

With a single-question survey delivered via email, you can measure customer happiness in an instant.

From there, send it to any of your Slack channels, so the right people receive the feedback and can take action from there.

Integration: Delighted

Make Better Decisions

You often don’t realize just how much of an impact making decisions can have on business.

If you want to propose a new project, it can sometimes take a long time to get things moving if you have to wait around to get your team involved and make a joint decision on how to proceed.

By integrating Conclude with Slack, you can make the process quick and straightforward.

You can /propose an idea to your team using a temporary channel dedicated solely to discussing and gathering feedback for the proposal.

Once you’ve reached your decision, you can /conclude the conversation, making the process smooth and instantaneous.

Integration: Conclude


Yes, Slack is a fantastic tool for team communication, but it’s so much more than that.

With the right tools, you can get a quick overview of the most important parts of your business, improve productivity, and focus on getting the results you want.

Whether that’s improving conversions, getting organized or quit wasting time, make the most of what this app has to offer.

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