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Building a startup requires a lot of resources, effort, and a well-constructed business strategy.

One aspect of the company that can get pushed to the side during such busy times is public relations (PR).

This may not seem as vital as the actual product or marketing and finance operations, but having a good PR strategy can go a long way in getting you the media attention you deserve.

Take a look at these tips to help you get the best PR.

Know Your Local News Associations

You not only have to grasp what is newsworthy about your business and understand the audience you want to reach, but you also have to know people in the news industry who are willing to publish.

If you don’t have contacts, reach out via email and social media, attend networking events and even hire outside help if it’s within the budget.

Be persistent — but not pushy — when you pitch journalists and reporters your company’s story, and always be clear on what you want to be published, whether that’s information about a new product or news about a partnership.

Have a Concise Message

Get to the point, and make the language understandable for those who aren’t experts in the field (no technical language here).

Even before you fire pitches to outlets, you want to ensure the message is as polished as possible.

For inspiration, check out company messages crafted by some of the world’s greatest startups.

Uber and Airbnb, for example, have simple yet catchy messages that quickly show the reader how their products solve a problem.

Understand Journalist Coverage Areas

From feature articles and news segments to straight news stories and investigative pieces, you have many ways to showcase your product or service.

For instance, you could have a feature article about your CEO and the background and motivations for starting the company.

You could also have a news clip in which a reporter uses the product, thus showing the public just how it works.

Standard news stories in the paper or on TV are common as well.

To find out what will work best for you, consider your audience’s preferences, as well as the type of content you are portraying.

Avoid Press Release Mistakes

A perfect press release doesn’t exist, but you can guarantee you don’t lose potential customers by avoiding major mistakes. Some common mistakes include:

  • Lifting copy from the website
  • Using the first-person voice
  • Being too promotional
  • Letting quotes go to waste

It’s estimated that 100 million startups open each year, but a good portion lacks the budget or doesn’t have the connections to exercise PR strategies effectively, and this can be a factor in the business failing.

Following these PR tips can help you overcome obstacles and garner more attention from the public

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