In our very first episode, ROCKETSHP’s Gabriel Walker and Mark Hayes break down the concept of attribution modeling, its segments, and in which channels you should really be investing.

  • What attribution modeling is, according to Mark Hayes
  • The book “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight: the lack of proof in sales  generation back in the day
  • The evolution of trackable analytics and its role in traditional advertising
  • A client’s counterargument: tracking outside the digital world
  • Gabriel Walker’s personal view on Attribution
  • Types of attribution (First-touch, last-touch, lead conversion, landing)
  • Touchpoints
  • Time decay
  • Position-based attribution
  • Algorithms
  • Gabriel’s gelato shop and e-book promotion example
  • Which channel should get the most credit after a conversion, and why
  • Intelligence vs. data
  • The role of sales and marketing in brand awareness
  • Which channels are actually driving your sales
  • The power of attribution in refining the buying process

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