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3 Tips that could help keep your business afloat during these tough times

The world has turned upside down and moved inwards. Coronavirus or Covid-19 and its uncertain trajectory have had an effect on everyone. It’s scary, it’s anxiety inducing and it’s a real threat to small and big businesses alike – but mainly small ones.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d share some hopefully helpful tips designed to reframe the situation from an online business perspective.

  1. Go Where All The (Isolated) Eyeballs Are…
    With so many people being isolated there will be a huge surge of internet usage. If you’re not running any digital advertising, you should consider starting. However, be mindful of the current climate. People don’t want to be advertised to without consideration of what they’re going through. We’ll share more tips on this in our article covering what kinds of ads are appropriate but for now, just remember to place your ads in the current context, don’t ignore it and push a sell, sell, sell message. That will not help your business, or anyone else for that matter. Be considerate. Be relevant. But don’t be afraid to continue getting your message across if you have a service or product people need or could benefit from.
  2. Hold Space (figuratively, don’t actually touch anyone)
    Whilst some industries are being hit hard by the current restrictions because they’re unfortunate vectors in the virus’ ability to travel – others can safely keep trading. Even if you’re amongst the more fortunate (read: not in the travel industry) you might find that panic hits your competition and they decide to reduce their online advertising budget. Now could be a good time to boost yours. Competition for certain keywords or targeted audiences is what drives up the cost of advertising, so whilst we all need to be mindful of what we spend, you might discover that currently your advertising budget goes a long way in the digital space and might help keep revenue up over this period.
  3. Whilst We All Have To Be Apart, Technology Brings Us Together
    Do you usually rely on meetings or customer interaction to make a sale? You could consider adding a Live Chat feature to your online store, website or consultancy – this way people can ask all the questions they need to seal the deal, without putting themselves, or you, at risk.

ROCKETSHP stand at the ready to help you make the most of your online opportunities – drop us a line if you want some support (digital, not medical).

Also, we’re keen to hear how the pandemic has affected your online presence. We’d be grateful if you wanted to share your story with us as it would help us build a bigger picture of how everyone is getting on online. Drop us an email at hello@rocketshp.com.

And remember to wash your hands!

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