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  • The Hack

    Engineer Your URLs for Social, Not Search

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    Getting More Social Shares for Your Blog Posts


As any good SEO will tell you, search-optimized URLs are a staple in any Google-friendly digital marketing diet.

Using the right URL slugs will set you off on your climb to the top of Mount Google.

Depending on the keyword difficulty, it could become the start of your ‘journey of a thousand steps’ or, if targeting longtail keywords, a quick ‘hop and a skip’ to the coveted number one spot in the SERPs.

Yet, times are changing, and social optimization is often just as, if not more important than optimizing for search spiders.

This hack may mean sacrificing your search traffic but the gamble could pay off in helping to more viral social posts.

Look no further than your favorite LOLCat article on BuzzFeed for proof of this approach.

Just Hack It:

  • Firstly, get your nervously-shaking SEO specialist out of the room and reassure him that he’s not losing his job… yet.
  • Then knock back your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not – your choice) and start brainstorming your URL slug title just like you would a viral headline. With no regard to Google’s Bot army.
  • In fact, think about how you can actively fight the Google Bot invasion with your creativity, wit, and wisdom. It’s like every creative writer’s dream come true, embrace it. You are now a growth hacking lover AND fighter.
  • For inspiration, check out these gems from BuzzfeedViralNova or UpWorthy
  • Or if you’re slack then just use the Upworthy Headline Generator
  • We know which options you’ve just chosen…

Source or Inspiration:

BuzzFeed’s latest traffic trick: The ‘social URL’

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