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    Customize Sharing Buttons

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    How to Tailor Blog Experience to Users


When was the last time that you ended up on a blog that had a number of social sharing options… Except for the one that you prefer?

This is one of those few times that you actually decided to share something straight from someone’s blog with no way of doing so.

Talk about a loss for the author!

Or the blog had million-and-one sharing buttons… All with zero shares next to them.

Which straight away takes away from the credibility of the article and makes most users much less likely to share it.

Social proof, or the lack of it, tends to have a powerful effect on our choices in life. Even if they’re as small as sharing an article online.

When it comes to social sharing buttons, neither too many nor too few is a good look.

But with users’ social network preferences being so diverse, how do you strike a middle ground? How do you help visitors shout about your blog from their figurative rooftops? Here’s a way to hack this.

Just Hack It:

  • To sweeten the deal even further, this hack involves a ready-made solution
  • All you have to do is grab the AddThis plugin, install the Javascript code on your website and away you go
  • To make things even better-er, AddThis will now look at the other cookies on a website and then display the visitor’s preferred social sharing buttons
  • We know! How cool is that? And it involves very little effort on your part
  • Now that’s what we call growth hacking!

Source or Inspiration:

Master Class: Growth Hacking – with Dan McGaw

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