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    Build Trust With Yours Users Using Reassurance Copy

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    How to Gain Your Users’ Trust And Allay Their Fears


The World Wide Web is a big and, for many users, scary place.

Especially when it comes to any situation that involves providing credit card details.

Particularly when it comes to new and unknown apps. And there’s good cause for this.

Especially, given the high-profile cases of growth hacking ‘going bad’

Most startups never make it into the big, beautiful world known as the ‘product launch’.

Given the astronomical startup failure stats, it makes sense that users are negatively biased against signing up for one more ‘launch list.’

They’re even more biased against actually paying for the thing when it comes time to activate their subscription.

Of course, in order to activate users for YOUR SaaS app, you know that users have no choice but to eventually part with this information.

The same applies on a smaller scale when visitors to your landing page need to disclose personal info such as their name or email address.

Your task then becomes to growth hack your visitors’ or users’ worries and win their trust.

Trust can be built in a number of ways and one nifty way to do so is to use ‘reassurance copy.’

Read below to find out what this is and how it can benefit your activation rate.

Just Hack It:

  • Closing any sale, online or offline, involves overcoming buyer objections. Your SaaS app would usually do this by translating its numerous features into tangible benefits
  • However, writing reassurance text involves shifting your focus away from the product itself and putting it squarely on the users’ underlying emotional state, their fears about the transaction. This is about addressing the ‘Conviction’ part of the AIDCA sales formula
  • On your landing page forms, this could involve not just showing the benefit of downloading your ebook but stating how the user’s email will and – just as importantly – won’t be used. Tell them why any additional information is required and provide context
  • For any e-commerce transaction, this could be additional text that addresses security or privacy concerns
  • In essence, whatever you believe your users need to know beyond product benefits in order to activate is what you should address with reassurance copy
  • Now go forth and win over your user’s hearts, not just their minds…

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The overlooked art of reassurance in copywriting

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