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    Use Crises to Strengthen Users’ Loyalty

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    How to Turn an Unexpected Crisis Into an Opportunity


It. Happened. You’ve come face to (ugly) face with your First Major Crisis.

That point in your startup journey that you hoped would never arrive. Or at least come later rather than sooner.

But it has. And you now have to deal with it mano a mano.

It could be anything: you’ve missed your publicly announced launch date, your database was hacked, your startup was featured in Techcrunch… but for the wrong reasons, you lost your stuffed Sesame Street Big Bird lucky charm, the coffee you bought at your startups’ incubator’s cafe wasn’t hot enough, [insert worst nightmare here], etc.

Such moments separate the entrepreneurial (wo)men from the wantrepreneurial boys or girls.

But we know that you’re not about to start crying into your (Sesame Street) pillow. You’re a real growth hacker with skin as thick as a rhino’s.

You’re going to make the most of this situation and even turn it into an opportunity.

Yes, YES! Time to kick some ass! Oh, wait. But how?

Just Hack It:

  • Whatever the issue may be, don’t panic!
  • Then download Headspace app to your iPhone, sit down with your legs crossed and spend 10 minutes in meditation
  • Feeling at least a little better now? Great, let’s proceed…
  • Regardless of the particular crisis at hand, your number one priority should be to ensure that you keep communication channels open with your stakeholders (fancy word for everyone who’s somehow affected by your startup’s existence: users, partners, investors, haters, losers, and the list goes on…)
  • Primarily, it is your users that you need to focus on in the first instance. Why? Because they pay your bills
  • But definitely, don’t forget the media. Why? Because, if you do, they’ll kick your ass harder than Bruce Lee kicked Chuck Norris’s
  • Make sure to profusely apologize for whatever you managed to screw up. This step applies even if it’s not your fault – no one really cares
  • Continue communicating and groveling away to your stakeholders, admitting all of your faults
  • Right, THIS is the Aikido move where you turn your problem into an opportunity by writing a case-study or hosting a webinar – or whatever – that will help to shed your startup in a better light and take the heat off what you did
  • Now, this is also important, make sure that you don’t repeat the mistake next time!
  • Better yet, prepare in advance. Know exactly how to deal with such situations where a certain oblong object hits a proverbial fan.
  • Consider yourself warned!

Source or Inspiration:

The Meltdown That Brought Our Startup to Its Knees for 15 Hours

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