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    Use Customer Quotes to Back Up Each Product Feature

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    How to Boost the Credibility of Your SaaS Product


Credibility. It’s what many new SaaS and tech startups struggle with and, some, sorely lack.

And it’s definitely not easy when apps disappear into the digital nothingness, often, without even so much as a sneak peek.

Like wannabe actors who just can’t beat their stage fright.

There are also those startups that stick around for just long enough to burn through their series A round but then turn into a black hole once the ‘fun money’ dries up.

Nothing more than a sad landing page with a one-sentence apology to show for the good times.

While users are getting increasingly more tolerant of this general state of affairs, there’s nothing like a good bit of old school social proof to make your startup stand out.

Here’s an easy hack to help you do just that. Hint: it involves using testimonials…

Just Hack It:

  • You’re no doubt aware of best-practice guidelines that say to have user testimonials on your website to increase its perceived credibility
  • And no doubt, you’ve put up a couple of testimonials for good measure. Somewhere towards the end of your trendy parallax scroll one-page website. The very end
  • Here’s a thought: why not add a customer testimonial under EACH feature that you shamelessly plug? This way, your testimonials are less generic and more believable. As every good copywriter knows, specifics sell!
  • Hack over – get back to selling…

Source or Inspiration:

How We Increased Our Conversion Rate by 311 Percent

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