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    Use Craigslist as Usability Testing Tool

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    How to Cheaply Find People for Usability Testing


We both know that usability testing is crucial to your app’s success.

You can think that your new feature is killer and will have your users jumping with joy.

But that’s what YOU think.

Recall that the whole point of usability testing is to put your own assumptions aside in order to hear it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth.’

And usability testing is not something that happens once.

It needs to be an ongoing feature of your weekly retrospectives or, perhaps even, your daily standups.

If done right, usability testing will become a key contributor to your product’s evolution and ultimate success.

On a tight startup budget, there is only one teeny-weeny barrier to implementing a full-blown guerilla usability testing methodology.

Where do you find new users to test your app with? We have your answer below.

Just Hack It:

  • Craigslist. Yes; really!
  • While you may not have thought of CL as being a suitable recruitment channel, marketing research agencies have been recruiting on it for quite a number of years
  • The beauty of using Craigslist is that you can find users for both in-person and remote usability studies
  • Just bear in mind that the demographic and psychographic profiles of those who respond to your ads may not necessarily fit that of your app’s users
  • If your startup is a B2C one that targets a broader consumer base then Craigslist could be the ideal solution for you
  • If not then it’s definitely still worth experimenting with as an acquisition channel
  • Honestly, is there anything that you can’t get done with the help of Craigslist?

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