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    Use Social Analytics Tools to Find Influencers

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    How to Find Influencers to Build Relationships With


We are all drowning in a sea of information and the only way to keep our heads above the water is by filtering the noise.

Most people, including your users, do this by finding individuals whom they consider to be influential in their chosen niches and then ignore most of the other noise.

Such influencers become gatekeepers of relevant content and can become a growth hacker’s best marketing allies.

In fact, a well-timed cold email, Tweet or LinkedIn InMail message to the right influencer can catapult your app from relative obscurity straight into the SaaS big leagues.

Reaching out to influencers, if done right, is one of the most effective ways of quickly hacking growth for your startup.

Which is all well and good, you say. But how do you find relevant influencers in your industry? How do you then ensure that they actually sit up and start paying attention to your product? Read below for solutions.

Just Hack It:

  • The key to finding influencers is by using the multitude of tools that are available for this purpose
  • These person-to-person marketing tools consist of social media analytics and monitoring apps. They can be used to find out whom your users pay attention to and where relevant conversations are happening online
  • Some of the most popular apps for analyzing and growing your social graph include: FollowerwonkTopsyKlout or Buzzsumo
  • You also need to monitor the conversations that your users are engaging in. Tools like Brand24Mention and Talk Walker can all help you with this task
  • Now that know who your influencers are, it’s time to take action! Mention them in your social conversations, reach out to them with cold or warm emails, connect with them on their chosen social networks, etc.
  • Just get off your backside and start making it happen…

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