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    Start Your Own Social Network

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    How to Create an Active User Community


Facebook-schmacebook. When was the last time it did anything for your startup?

Sure, the uber-network helps you to talk to users directly and acquire new customers using its marketing tools.

But it always costs you a pretty penny, doesn’t it?

Ultimately, it is not a channel that you own and everything that you do on the network helps to grow Facebook and Facebook alone.

It is rented space.

And the rent will keep going up as long as ‘supply & demand’ swings in a network’s favor.

The same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and any other proprietary platform where your audiences live.

“But that is the nature of social media,” you argue. It’s not like you can go and build your own network from scratch.

Well, do we have an early Christmas present for you!

There IS now a way to create your own social network – read on to find out how.

Just Hack It:

  • Creating your own social network – now THAT is one Mega Hack. I mean, we all know how much time and effort the titans of social media have invested into their own networks – *cough* BILLIONS *choke* of dollars *cough*, and just as many lines of code
  • So, creating your own social network seems almost too utopian to be true, right?
  • Wrong! All thanks to a visionary startup, Spot.IM, having an owned media channel that is also your very own social network is within the reach of your eager little hands
  • To make it even more exciting, instead of having to write millions of lines of code, you have to write none. Copy. Paste. Done.
  • Ta-da! You now have your own social network. Not as cool as owning your own private tropical island but, hopefully, you’ll now have more people to talk to
  • Growth hacking can be a lonely place…
  • Alrighty, Facebook, justice has now been served. Now smile because your user retention rates have just skyrocketed!
  • (But don’t go deleting your Facebook Page just yet).

Source or Inspiration:

Spot.IM Turns Any Site Into A Social Network

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