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    Bring Hacker News to Your Website

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    How to Better Tap Into the Hacker News Community


“Hacker News is what Reddit once used to be.” This is a sentiment that you may hear echoed in the tech startup community.

Whether you agree with this or not is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is that HN remains a community of hardcore startup hackers who all closely follow the happenings in Silicon Valley’s startup scene.

There’s no arguing that getting your post on the front page of HN can pay off in spades.

This applies to both customer acquisition and publicity.

If you want to better integrate your website with this powerful news source then keep reading.

Just Hack It:

  • If you want a lo-fi solution without having to install anything then you can always manually add something like “Discuss on Hacker News: http://LinkToHackerNewsPost” at the end of your blog posts
  • If you want to fly the HN flag high then go and install the Hacker News Button – this is the easiest and most visually appetizing way to build a bridge to HN
  • You can also get all geeky with it and host your own Hacker News button server but this is mostly for the hardcore HN fan
  • Whatever you do, it’s bound to pay off and be appreciated by the HN community. Just remember: “once a hacker, always a hacker”, so just keep it real…

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Host your own Hacker News button server

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