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  • The Hack

    Add a Progress Bar to Your SaaS App

  • AARRR stage


  • Growth Problem

    Getting Users to Properly Activate


Your users are busy. And impatient. And distracted. And have the attention span of a goldfish. Seriously.

They’re not going to diligently go through each step of your onBOREDing process. They’re not… Just get over it.

Well, most of them won’t but you definitely want them to. Your activation numbers depend on it.

So, how do you get your app to hold your users’ interest long enough to activate?

You have to do something that will keep them glued to the screen, that’s how.

In short, you need to growth hack your users’ attention spans.

But it’s not as science fiction-like as it sounds. And it definitely doesn’t involve brain transplants, lobotomies or strange mechanical contraptions.

Just a nice little progress bar for your most crucial activation processes in order to show users where they are in the process (and how little they have to go.)

Just Hack It:

  • There are a few names for this: “progress meter,” “progress bar,” “completeness meter,” or our favorite, the “‘are we there yet?’ indicator”. Just kidding, that last one we made up
  • If your front-end website or blog is built on WordPress then you are in luck. Check out these progress bar WordPress plugins
  • Outside of WordPress, you could use jQuery progress meter plugins
  • Then again, you can always ‘roll your own’ completeness indicator with the help of a developer
  • Phew! These instructions are now 100% complete.

Source or Inspiration:

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