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    Treat Your Blogging Like a Science

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    Analyze Your Blog In Order to Improve Your Post Virality


If you ever tried to improve your copywriting chops, then you may have come across a book called ‘Scientific Advertising’ by Claude Hopkins. In his popular work, Mr. Hopkins lays out a framework for creating effective advertising.

One of the most important points that he emphasizes is the need for copious amounts of testing and measuring.

And as an A/B-wielding growth hacker you wholeheartedly agree, right? But this ain’t the Summer of Love and blogs are one of the most effective ‘ads’ online.

So it’s time to take your blogging and make it all scientific.

But apart from analyzing the heck out of your posts with Google Analytics and running heatmaps, what else can you do?

Here’s a hack that will help you to gain a better understanding of your blogging in order to improve the virality of your posts methodically.

Just like a real growth scientist would.

Just Hack It:

  • Download Import.io as this is the tool that you will use to scrape your blog
  • Create a crawler with Import.io and let it loose on your blog in order to extract everything, including meta-data
  • Export your data to Excel or Google Sheets
  • Now, go to SharedCount and upload your list of exported URLs – this will show you how much social love each post got
  • Now export the data from SharedCount and combine your blog meta and social sharing data using the VLOOKUP function
  • You can then play around with the data by combining various bits of meta information with the social data to see what insights you can glean.
  • In addition to being a growth hacker, you are now officially a Blogging Growth Scientist.

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Scientific Blogging

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