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    The Samuel Jackson Way of Getting Users to Share Emails

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    How to Get Users to Share Your Emails


“Everybody knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption.”

That’s Samuel L Jackson dishing out some street wisdom in the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Now how does this quote relate to getting users to share your emails?

Well, the problem with a lot of what we do in marketing rests on the fact that we make assumptions that may not necessarily be true.

This especially applies to growth hacking.

It’s your job to push the marketing envelope further, which can’t be done without assuming certain things about users.

One of the most dangerous assumptions made by growth hackers is that their emails are so awesome that users will go out of their way to share them with friends.

Wrong! But we’re all human. It’s time you got introduced to the Samuel L Jackson Email Hack.

Just Hack It:

  • Everyone is lazy by nature. Any additional steps that need to be taken or hoops to be jumped through will activate the lazy gene in your app’s users. Straight away. Guaranteed. Guess what that means for your emails?
  • That’s right, you’re lucky to have them read, let alone shared. However, you can hack this by creating pre-made ‘Forward to a Friend’ emails following this process:
    • Write your referral email copy, including the CTA
    • Include a link to your offer landing page in the body
    • Dump it into Mlto.tk to create a pre-populated email
    • Add hyperlinks to relevant parts of the message
    • Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. You’re done!
  • So as Mr. Jackson so eloquently put it, don’t make an ass of yourself by assuming that users will forward your emails
  • There, you’ve just simplified life for your user. In return, their ‘thank yous’ in the form of invites will increase your referral rates.

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The Samuel L. Jackson Email Marketing Hack

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