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    Optimize the Onboarding Process for Referred Users

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    How to Enhance Onboarding Experience for Referrals


Your referred customers are finally starting to trickle in and sign up for your app trial.

Perhaps, their friend gave them such a raving review of your app that they even used your promo code to sign up for a paid subscription.

Job done! Really?

Do you really think so?

Before you start high-fiving and back-patting, you need to step back and look at your onboarding process.

Again? Yes, again! Because your job is just starting.

The invitee onboarding process needs to be just as awesome, if not more so than it was for the original user who referred them.

Your app now has a lot of expectations to live up to! If the experience is less than stellar then you may as well scrap your referral scheme altogether.

Just Hack It:

  • First of all, you need to really commit to creating an onboarding process that will blow your invitees’ heightened expectations out of the water
  • No, seriously, ensure that this is not an afterthought! This is the cause of most referral schemes not living up to expectations
  • Remember that this person is now your app’s VIP user
  • You can try to maximize feelings of goodwill by thanking the new user for taking up their friend’s invite and providing additional incentives or discounts
  • If you succeed in making this user’s experience unbelievably great then the fact that they were referred will make them much more likely to invite their friends. Think of it as a referral daisy chain
  • Before you know it, you’ll have built a word-of-mouth marketing machine with a very loyal customer base
  • It is every startup’s dream and you will be one step closer than most by carefully thinking through your invitees’ onboarding
  • May the Referral Force be with you…

Source or Inspiration:

5 Growth Hacks to Supercharge your Invite or Referral System

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