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    Use Exit Pop-ups Without Breaking the Bank

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    How to Implement Exit Popus on a Bootstrapper’s Budget


Exit intent apps are The Bizness for increasing your on-page conversions. Caught a user navigating away from the checkout mid-way through their order? Bam! Special offer pop-up.

See a visitor sneaking their way towards the ‘Back’ button while reading your blog. Bam! Email subscription opt-in form.

Notice a cursor slowly inching towards the browser’s address bar while browsing your home page? Bam… Bam… Bam!

Yes, this must be conversion heaven…

The only thing that isn’t really awesome about apps like Bounce-Exchange and their ilk is the price.

As in, it’s not inspiring at all. Can your bootstrapped startup really afford to spend a minimum of $3,995 per month on an exit intent popup app? C’mon!

And, yes, there are now cheaper alternatives. However, there are a couple that we would like to bring to your attention due to their growth hacker-friendly price: free. Growth Hacker, meet your new on-page conversion marketing sidekick.

Just Hack It:

  • There are two notable open-source alternatives:
    • The cute-sounding Ouibounce
    • And the very meat-and-potatoes alternative, Exit-intent plugin. Hey, nothing wrong with having an app that clearly says what it does and then does what it says. If only more apps were as clear about their purpose in life…
  • Both solutions require a bit of coding to get them up and running. The payoff is that once deployed on your website, they won’t cost you a cent to run
  • If, for any reason, you’re not convinced that free is better than several thousand dollars per month, then have a read of this comparison of Ouibounce and Bounce Exchange
  • Now just think about it, even your monthly intake of coffee costs a magnitude more than something that will help you to convert users by the hundreds or thousands
  • Now THAT deserves a celebratory $5 latte!

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Review of OuiBounce, an Alternative to Bounce Exchange

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