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  • The Hack

    Get Press Coverage Using Mechanical Turk & Google News

  • AARRR stage


  • Growth Problem

    Gain publicity for your app


You know that you need publicity. The problem is that you’re no PR extraordinaire and, most likely, neither are your co-founders.

But you do want the glory of being featured on the front page of TechCrunch or TheNextWeb. Boy, do you want the glory! Sorry, but so does every other SaaS founder on the planet.

This hack is meant to provide a way for you to target your publicity efforts so that you get the most bang for your buck and substantially increase your press coverage.

Just Hack It:

  • Scour Google News for reporters who have already covered apps similar to yours. If your app is SO ‘stealth mode’ or ‘uniquely out-of-this-world’ then seek reporters who may have experience in your industry
  • Use http://press.customerdevlabs.com/ to turn your search results into a convenient spreadsheet (yes, there’s an app for that!)
  • Upload your list to Mechanical Turk in orders to automate the process of finding each reporter’s contact details (you don’t really want to sift through several hundred news listings, do you now?)
  • Voila, you now have a list of reporters that is as long as your arm. Now is the time to polish off your press kit. Or start working on one…
  • Make sure to embargo your press release but be aware that some large news websites can’t stand this practice!
  • Setup alerts for web and social mentions using your favorite tools.

Source or Inspiration:

Getting Launch Press for your Startup

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