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  • The Hack

    Increase Conversions on High Bounce-Rate Pages

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  • Growth Problem

    How To Minimize ‘Funnel Leakage’’ On High Traffic Pages


After spending a considerable amount of time developing your blog, the virtual blood, sweat, and tears have paid off.

You now have a number of posts on your blog that drive a considerable amount of traffic to your site.

The flipside of this is that they may not be the highest-converting pages.

Once a visitor has landed on your page, they typically don’t have any incentive to stick around and move on to the next thing that catches their fancy. Usually, the ‘next thing’ is not on your website.

But this is something that you can – and should – take care of.

As a growth hacker, you need to maximize the return on your content assets by turning as many of your visitors into subscribers or leads.

Think of this hack as being the anti-’bait and switch.’

Just Hack It:

  • Undertake a ‘bounce rate stocktake’ using Google Analytics to identify pages with excessively high percentages
  • Find an incentive that you could provide to visitors of each of those pages, such as a free eBook, whitepaper, report or other relevant content resources
  • The important thing here is to make sure that the incentive matches up with the content in your post. This shouldn’t be too hard to figure out as your blog topic will suggest the freebie
  • If you want to get even more ‘jiggy with it’, you can try and match the content freebie to the stage of the buyer journey that a visitor of the page could be at. Doing so would significantly increase the perceived value of your incentive
  • The way to implement this is to use Hello Bar or any one of the numerous opt-in form popup plugins. You can always A/B test these to see what works best
  • As always, don’t forget to keep track of the relevant statistics afterwards.

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