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    Ask for Referrals Multiple Times

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    How to Get Referrals After a Failed First Attempt


In life, you get what you ask for.

This equally applies to your SaaS startup, where your progress is based on asking everyone, from investors to users to anyone else who will listen, to support your cause.

But it’s the customers who will support you in the most important two ways: paying for your product and inviting their friends to do the same.

So, you need to keep asking them. Ask them to sign up. Ask them to activate their subscriptions. Ask them to refer a friend.

And you do. You ask your users to invite a friend. Once. And they usually don’t take you up on the offer. So, for whatever reason, you give up on making any further attempts at asking.

As a result, your users do nothing. And your referral rates are nothing to write home about. No surprise there! Now let’s see how we can hack this whole process.

Just Hack It:

  • Ask…
  • Ask again…
  • Ask yet again…
  • No, seriously, keep asking until you’re blue in the face
  • In fact, go and build this into your onboarding and marketing strategy
  • Did your user just subscribe for a trial? Great! Ask them to invite a friend right there in the app – create a large overlay screen that they just can’t miss
  • Did they just pay for their first subscription? Great! Send them an email to thank them for their custom and… yip, ask them to invite a friend
  • Did they just invite a friend? Great! Ask them to invite five more.
  • The more you work on creating a referral engine out of your app the more referrals you’ll get. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • To paraphrase NFL coaching great, Vince Lombardi, “asking is not a sometime thing; it’s an all-time thing…”
  • Never stop asking.

Source or Inspiration:

5 Growth Hacks to Supercharge your Invite or Referral System

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