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  • The Hack

    Identify and Hook Visitors from Cold emails

  • AARRR stage


  • Growth Problem

    Cold Email Visitors are Anonymous


When sending cold emails to key prospects it’s important to track the effectiveness of the campaign and engage contacts as quickly as you can.

However, most of us only know the open and click rates.

Despite having info about prospects, we are not able to use it on the website.

This hack will help you identify and hook your visitors from cold emails.

This will make tracking and converting your prospects easier.

Just Hack It:

  • Build up your base of contacts – it’s important to have some additional information such as Full Name, Company, industry or website
  • Use UserEngage.io free trial (for 100 emails) to send the cold emails with a link to your website
  • Setup the automation mechanism in UserEngage that will show custom welcome chat messages to your prospects and act upon their behavior. For example, you can say “Hey {name}, would you like to see how X can increase [company]’s benefits? Let’s schedule a demo at calendly”
  • Once a user clicks the link in the email, the system will identify them and use the provided user attributes to customize communication

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