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  • The Hack 

    Creating a ‘Viral’ Sign-Up Form

  • AARRR stage


  • Growth Problem

    Acquiring Multiple Users at a Time


Why acquire only one user at a time when you can get two, three, four or even more in one fell swoop?

While this may sound like a utopian pre-launch dream it is a possibility if you just implement this one little hack.

Sure, you may already have a landing page for your app that allows people to leave their email and join your ‘waiting list’ but, often, that’s where the buck stops.

However, you want your buck to keep on buckin’ until the Twitterverse is awash with mentions of your digital creation.

The solution is to provide your users with a viral sign-up form. Those who share your app with x-number of their friends get to go on your launch list.

Those who share more get to move higher up the waitlist. Simple, right? But you just wait until this hack is live!

Just Hack It:

  • This is how the process works:
    • Your future ‘waitlister’ signs up using an email opt-in form
    • After signing up, they receive a custom URL that can be shared with their friends
    • The URL is trackable and you set up an email autoresponder series to send emails notifying the waitlister every time someone has signed up as a result of their invites
    • Once they have invited the required number of people, they get a final email advising that they are now officially on your launch list.
  • Of course, you could code this all up yourself or but why reinvent the wheel? Here are some WordPress plugins that will help you to implement this system quickly and easily:

Source or Inspiration:

5 Early Wins That Got Our SaaS Startup 1,000 Beta Users


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