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    Provide a Free Plan for Bloggers

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    How to Get Influencers to Use Your App


A PR push is something that typically happens right before your app is due to launch.

‘The Push’ normally manifests itself in a sudden surge of outreach activity. For obvious reasons, every editor and blogger is your new best friend.

Your social media channels are abuzz and you’re cranking out profile updates like some kind of content vending machine.

Then your flurry of updates starts dying down in the ensuing weeks and slowly, gradually, little by little… Dies off.

Your new ‘best friends’, whom you thought would feature your press releases and write some endearing reviews of your app, never even end up opening your emails. Yesware doesn’t lie!

Your press kit is now gathering pixel dust in your public Dropbox folder.

Sorry to be so harsh, but if that’s how you launch your app then you deserve to be ignored!

Building relationships with influencers and the press takes time and patience.

A cold email with a press kit attached won’t do. Read on to find out how to hack this.

Just Hack It:

  • Getting into the good books of journalists and bloggers is a dream come true for any growth hacker. Often, an article about your app can be the make-or-break moment for your SaaS startup
  • Whereas with tech journalists, the process can be trickier – not to mention, often more expensive due to PR costs – influential bloggers in your niche are a much more realistic target for your outreach efforts
  • Plus, bloggers are often not as jaded a crowd as your typical journo. It is time that you started treating bloggers like the cyber-royalty that they are
  • One great hack that HitTail has come up with is providing a free plan for bloggers in return for a review of their app
  • That’s right, that’s all you have to do. What blogger will say ‘no’ to a freebie?
  • Get this right and watch your referrals stats soar!

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