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    Registration Form Placement for Maximum Activations

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    Where to Place Registration Form in Onboarding Process


“Now where did I place that registration form again?” you ask yourself.

Having tested different placement options so many times you can’t even remember where in that complex onboarding process you managed to stick it.

And you’re right about trying different placement options – getting this right can significantly impact your activation numbers.

Getting the registration process right is similar to hiring a concierge for an upmarket hotel.

If your app professes to be the equivalent of a 5-star resort experience but your registration form is as shady as a hotel concierge in Amsterdam’s Red Lights district then the user is unlikely to click that ‘Register’ button.

To continue the hotel metaphor, if you get the ‘meet and greet’ with your app then that first experience will color the way they perceive the rest of their stay.

Let’s see how you can hack the registration process.

Just Hack It:

  • There is only one real way of finding out where to place the registration form and that’s by analyzing the heck out of your analytics
  • Your goal is to show the benefits of becoming a user of your app prior to them registering
  • So make sure to not place the form too early in your onboarding process as that may actually discourage users from activating
  • While this isn’t so much about the placement of the form, ensure that you minimize registration friction by providing a social login option
  • For entertaining commentary as well as insightful onboarding knowledge, read UserOnboard.com’s ‘UX teardowns’ of the most popular apps. It talks about much more than just registration and can help you to learn from some of the most well-known tech startups
  • Now that you’ve seen where things can go wrong and what mistakes to avoid, go and turn your app into the Ritz Carlton of your industry!

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Improving Your App’s Onboarding UX

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