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    Create Success Milestones for Your Users

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    How to Ensure a Smooth Onboarding Process


Value. It’s what you provide to your customers. It’s the reason they subscribe to your app. It’s the reason you’re in business. To provide value.

But at what stage of your onboarding process is this value delivered to your user?

Don’t worry if you can’t definitively answer this question. Most startups can’t.

But you should be able to and here’s why: unless you know when that value was experienced by your user, how do you know when your onboarding process ends?

And here’s the deal – we’re not referring to ‘onboarding’ in the sense of getting your user from ‘A to B’ as in showing them what’s ‘under the hood’ of your app. We’re referring to the moment when they get a tangible benefit out of it.

Also, don’t confuse your user’s definition of success with your own: a user becoming a paid customer presents value to you, not to them!

Read below to figure out how to define success for their (and your) sake.

Just Hack It:

  • There’s no deeply scientific methodology here. Not even a formula that you need to memorize. Just an answer to a simple question will do the trick:
    • Ask your different customers the following: “how do you measure success and what would they like to achieve by using my app?”
  • That’s it, it’s that easy. The answers will vary based on their user persona and you should pay attention to each answer very, very carefully. You’re aiming for quality here, not quantity
  • Remember, you want to uncover the ‘blue sky’ solution to their problem, the one that no one else has unearthed yet
  • After meditating on the chicken-scribbles in your Moleskine, choose the ones that best apply (or that you can decipher) to your app and turn them into success milestones for your onboarding process
  • Sounds so simple but all too many startups get this part wrong
  • But you’re not one of them anymore. Enjoy the accolades – the M&M’s are on us!

Source or Inspiration:

The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding

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