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  • The Hack

    Enclose Your Shopping Cart

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  • Growth Problem

    How to Decrease Cart Abandonment Rates


You see it time and again in your e-commerce analytics reports: the user happily bounces through your funnel without so much as a cloud of doubt on their way to the checkout horizon.

Then once they get to your shopping cart. Boom – they’re gone! Cart abandoned.

What just happened?

Checkout abandonment is a b… bad deal. And common. All too common. In fact, the lowest percentage of online shopping cart abandonment rates is estimated at 69.1%.

That is pretty high for what is meant to be the ‘lower’ percentage! Let’s now explore how your shopping cart can avoid becoming yet another ecommerce statistic.

The answer: ‘enclosed checkout process’.

That is what will make all the difference to your conversion rates and activations.

And this growth hack doesn’t just apply to e-commerce businesses but to your SaaS app also.

You do have a checkout process, don’t you?

Just Hack It:

  • Take all of those fancy menus and buttons in your nav pane. Now ‘strip’ them out as if you were turning an old rust bucket into a hot rod
  • Because that’s what you’re doing. You’re transforming your ol’ clunker of a shopping cart into the equivalent of a show-stopping street machine
  • So, take out all of the necessary nav elements and just leave your company logo. This becomes the ONLY means of escape now. Does this remind you of anything?
  • If you answered ‘landing page’ then this reward sticker is for you! Because this is what your cart is now, the most lucrative kind of landing page
  • Definitely keep all of the important links: delivery options, returns policy, contacts details and the necessary legalese. BUT turn them into lightbox pop-ups or overlays rather than links that take the user off the page
  • Allow users to navigate back and forth through the checkout process in case they need to change any information. This is so that they’re not forced to click the browser’s ‘back’ button.
  • NEVER let your users click the back button…
  • You can also experiment with including a ‘live chat’ option such as Zopim or Olark
  • 69% abandonment rate? Pfft, not with this bad boy that you’ve just built.

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