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    Adapt Landing Pages to Your Acquisition Channels

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    How to Make Landing Pages Relevant to Increase Activation


Your landing pages can make or break your marketing campaign. Read that again: MAKE or BREAK. We’re talking about any campaign.

Whether you’re managing AdWords, reaching out to custom audiences on Facebook or remarketing using the Google Display Network. ALL of these promotional methods require well-built landing pages.

There’s no point in spending money on paid advertising unless your landing page is going to have your back on the conversion front.

With AdWords, it’s even less optional to have a great landing page as this affects everything: from your cost-per-click to whether your ads will even show in the first place.

Paid channels aside, your email campaigns and social promotions also require the services of your high-converting landing page.

Once you’ve acquired the user using any paid or organic channel, activating them comes down to following conversion-centered landing page design best practices. Read below to see how to achieve this.

Just Hack It:

  • Have ONE goal for each landing page that you create. Your pages’ attention ratio needs to be 1:1, meaning that there shouldn’t be more than one link on the page. And that link should be your CTA (call-to-action)
  • Your CTA needs to be the starting point for your landing page design and it will change depending on the traffic source of your arriving visitor
  • For each acquisition channel, you need to think about how it may affect your landing page:
    • Regardless of the channel, Message Match is critical. This refers to how well the wording of your ad matches the headline and sub-head text on your page
    • For Facebook ads, display ads or any other visual ad, you also have to ensure design match. This is to do with how well the design of your ad matches the landing page design
  • In addition to considering the acquisition channel, you also need to account for the following:
    • While it may seem obvious, the landing page has to display correctly on each device. This is crucial, so make sure that your page is either responsive or adaptive
    • The page length will be determined by your visitors’ awareness stage. As a rule of thumb, the less they know, the longer the page needs to be!
  • Go through Unbounce’s 50-point conversion checklist to make you haven’t missed anything
  • Also, the aforementioned Unbounce app allows for Dynamic Text Replacement which, together with AdWords’ Dynamic Keyword Insertion, lets you change ad and landing page text on the fly to match your user’s search query. This feature is truly awesome!
  • You are now a growth-hacking landing page expert and with great power comes… The responsibility to activate your users like there ain’t no tomorrow!

Source or Inspiration:

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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