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    Use Contextual Marketing to Customize Content

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    How to Personalize The App Experience for Paying Users


Context marketing. Its the as-yet-unexplored frontier of digital marketing. But wait, wait, waaait… Context? Marketing?

Before you get all Sherlock Holmes on us and leave this page to explore the netherworlds of Google, we’ll clarify what we mean.

For our purposes, context marketing refers to personalizing a website’s content based on the visitor’s previous history of interacting with your startup.

Not just your website, not just your email drip campaign, not just your paid advertising but ANY and ALL of these channels.

It is no mean feat to achieve true context personalization and would usually require an expensive marketing automation suite such as Hubspot with their Content Optimization System.

However, this awesome app makes it possible to carry out context marketing even on your Ramen budget.

Just Hack It:

  • Just so we’re all on the same page, let’s give an example of how context marketing works:
    • A new visitor, who has never been to your website before, lands on your home page and sees the same generic message that every other first-time visitor would
    • However, after downloading a white paper and submitting their details via a form that same visitor sees their name on returning to your site. Creepy? Only if you make it so
    • For the purposes of retaining your current users, such a personalized approach actually makes a lot of sense
  • Sounds cool, right? But Hubspot’s COS system may beyond your reach at this stage
  • Well, ORBTR and its contextual marketing widget may just be the answer. In addition to dynamic content, this full-blown marketing automation suite can integrate with most of the apps in your current growth hacking toolkit
  • Here’s how to actually contextualize your website:
    • Place a code snippet in strategically chosen parts of your WordPress site (it only works with this CMS)
    • Configure your ‘Orbits’ to trigger different messages depending on your user’s past actions
  • With such personalization, your users won’t have a choice but to be over the moon about using your app
  • To top it off, this amazing piece of tech only costs $99 per month!

Source or Inspiration:

Customize Site Content for Individual Visitors with ORBTR Widgets


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