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    Curate Deals & Discounts for Your Email Subscribers

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    How to Value to Your Users Using Email


SaaS app users are constantly bombarded with transactional email, which often follow each and every action they perform within an app.

This is in addition to all of the subscription and other mail that they receive. Stop it already!

To state that this is slightly annoying is as much an understatement as saying that your inbox is slightly full.

Unless you’re one of those ‘Inbox Zero’ types, your Gmail is most likely OVERFLOWING with unread mail.

This brings us to the following point: if you’re going to add one more thing to read into your users’ already-chaotic, information-overloaded lives, it better add value.

Especially, if you send out a regular subscription email, which you should be doing. Read below to find

Just Hack It:

  • The keyword here is ‘abundance’. As in: found a cool deal for an app related to your one? Share it with your users in your next email blast!
  • Found a rock-bottom discount for another app that could be useful to your users? Share it with them!
  • If you do this on a regular basis then your users will see that you’re thinking of them. And who wouldn’t like that?
  • If you want to take this even further then you can collaborate with other SaaS companies to create custom ‘packages’:
  • Could you do something similar in your industry? Sure you can!
  • Remember, when you scratch your users’ backs, they’ll scratch yours. And that means they’ll stick around for longer.

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The Ultimate Productivity Bundle: $185+ Worth of Premium Services to Award-Winning Apps

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