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    Use Link Sharing Software to Grow Your Community

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    How to Easily Stay Top-of-Mind With Users


Email is still the killer app, especially when it comes to converting users into paying customers.

However, putting together a full-blown email marketing strategy takes time and a lot of effort to properly execute.

Especially when your startup is in its infancy, free time is a luxury and there may more urgent growth opportunities that you need to first pursue.

So, how do you solve the dilemma of regularly showing up in your user’s inboxes without having to commit a hefty amount of time to creating a full-blown email strategy?

Read on to discover an app that can save your bacon and keep the MailChimp monkey off your back. For now.


Just Hack It:

  • The answer to your email marketing allergy is link curation and it is the growth hack that helped launch ProductHunt
  • To make use of this awesome hack, register for an account at Linkydink. It will only cost $5 to expand your group beyond 5 subscribers. A fair price to pay for what will expand your acquisition channels with minimal time investment
  • Now you can start subscribing users left and right to your curated ‘link blasts’ without having to worry about setting up autoresponders, drip campaigns and other such nonsense (at least, for now)
  • The key is to keep your links relevant to your users, which will help you to avoid unsubscribes and keep your product at the top of their minds
  • Give it some time and those conversions are bound to start happening sooner or later
  • Who said that email marketing needs to be hard?


Source or Inspiration:

3 startups that launched without writing code


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