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  • The Hack

    Crowdsource The Translation of Your App

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  • Growth Problem

    Targeting Non-English Speaking Prospects


The World Wide Web is a big place.

The English speaking portion of it accounts for only 55% off all of the content on the internet.

By performing a very simple calculation, it becomes obvious that your SaaS app is missing out on a whopping 45% percent of the world’s non-English speaking population. But what to do?

Get creative, that’s what! One of the lesser-known hacks that Facebook did was to build an entire stand-alone app that allowed users to translate the website into their language of choice.

A more recent example is BuzzFeed who partnered up with language-teaching app Duolingo.

The hack involves getting Duolingo’s app users to translate English phrases into their native language as part of their language training program.

While these hacks aren’t as easily replicable as your vanilla growth hacks, the thinking behind them should inspire you to start looking at new ways of scaling your application.

Just Hack It:

  • There is actually no ready-made hack for this so you’ll have to activate your brain cells to pull this one off
  • Share whatever you come up with and we’ll be happy to feature you in the Sourcebook!

Source or Inspiration:

BuzzFeed’s Brazen, Nutty, Growth Plan

The people working at Facebook are constantly asked to tackle complicated problems on a large scale. Our approach to translating the site is just one example of what happens when you give people the power to think creatively.

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