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    Create ‘Invite a Friend’ Page After Someone Subscribes

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  • Growth Problem

    How to Further Capitalize on New Subscribers


Consider this scenario.

You’ve just opted into a new email subscription. Most likely, you ended up on a ‘thank you’ page that said something along the lines of: “Thank you for subscribing.

You’ll soon get a bland email from us asking you to confirm your subscription. Please, pretty, please don’t accidentally delete it and, just in case, check your spam folder.”

Seems a pretty logical confirmation page to show your new subscriber, right? Wrong! Think about it.

Your visitor was impressed enough by your content to subscribe to your newsletter.

Out of the hundreds of millions that are out there.

At that precise moment in time, they’re in the most compliant state that you’re likely to find them.

You definitely DON’T want to then show a generic “Thank you… blah blah blah” page. Read below to learn how how to seize such golden opportunities.

Just Hack It:

  • What you need to do now is capitalize on your new subscriber’s euphoric state and hit them with a confirmation page that asks them to do something
  • That ‘something’ can be telling their friends about your product or getting them to sign up to your webinar. Whatever it is that you ask for, the goal is to strike while the iron’s hot!
  • The landing page needs to be simple and hyper-focused on your CTA
  • There’s not much more to it than that. This really is a simple hack that will help to channel your subscriber’s positive feelings into increased word-of-mouth for your startup
  • By the way, if you use their landing page app, LeadPages offer a free page template to save you having to develop one from scratch.

Source or Inspiration:

[Free Download] Tap into Word of Mouth Marketing with the “Invite a Friend” Thank You Page

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