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    Gamify Your SaaS App

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    How to Keep Users Engaged


Apps today aren’t what they used to be. As in, an app never used to go about bossing you through its onboarding process.

Or tracking your every interaction and then invading your inbox to tell you that you haven’t done this or that.

It’s kind of scary because apps are starting to do what your mom used to but without the giving you the benefits of a free meal or accommodation for putting up with the nagging.

Think back to how many times that incomplete progress bar on LinkedIn has gnawed away at your subconsciousness.

Yeah, we hate it too because getting it to 100% just seems like too much work! But that is exactly why YOUR SaaS app needs a gamification framework.

Not because you will annoy your users into activating (although that may well be a nice side-effect).

The real point is to add some of that video game magic into your otherwise less-than-thrilling accounting app. Ok, that was a little harsh but stay with us…

Gamifying your in-app experience can do wonders for everything, from activation to retention and all the way through to referral. Follow along to learn how to get your game on.

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Octalysis – the complete Gamification framework

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