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    Increase App Activation Using an ‘Involvement Device’

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    Increasing App Sign-Ups


An ‘involvement device’ is any method of getting visitors of your website or users of your app to get more involved over and above just reading your “marketing fluff”.

In the ‘offline’ world such devices have been used in direct marketing for decades.

These include physically manipulating some part of the direct mail piece, such as including a ‘scratchy’ part to the letter or using stickers that recipients then play around with.

Anything, really, that prompts interactivity and involvement.

In the online world, involvement devices take many forms: ‘commitment checkboxes’, questionnaires, calculators or any number of digital tools that your customers may find useful and increase your app’s ‘stickiness’.

Increasing customer involvement on a page is a sure-fire way to increase conversions and SaaS app sign-ups.

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