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    Involve Users in Product Development

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    How to Involve Users in Improving Your App


When was the last time you got your users involved in shaping your product? No, really involved?

We’re not talking about quickly throwing something on UserTesting.com before pushing your new feature to production.

We’re talking about actually building something from the ground up in close collaboration with your current or future customers.

You know, the REAL lean startup way of building a product.

If you’re being honest with yourself then you realize there may have been some shortcuts taken on the road to attaining true ‘leanness.’

If, after doing a fair amount of soul-searching, you can still say hand-on-heart that you’ve actually followed the lean approach to a T. Then we salute you!

For the rest of us growth h4x0rz, read on to find out how to create better products by getting your users involved from the outset.

Just Hack It:

  • Before you start entertaining the idea of creating an app – any app – you need to find out that there’s actual demand for it. How? By getting your users involved in its development.
  • Even if you’re just looking at implementing a new feature. Ensure your users are involved! This is best achieved by iterating on bare-bones prototypes while getting constant feedback and input from your users.
  • ProductHunt have used Invision for prototyping their iOS app. However, there are a huge number of prototyping tools available. Pick the one that works best for your situation.
  • For creating new features, you can get users involved by running in-app surveys using tools such as Apptentive and others
  • Also, don’t forget about good old email replies and encourage these in your communications with a user
  • There’s no better way to retain a user than to have them co-create a product with you or make them aware that their voice is heard
  • Don’t ‘masturcreate’ a product in isolation. Find willing partners and start doing some serious app baby-making together!

Source or Inspiration:

The Rise of Product Hunt: 5 Growth Hacks from Silicon Valley’s New Favorite Website

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