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  • The Hack

    Using Monetary Incentives to Activate Users

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  • Growth Problem

    How to Activate Users Without Going Freemium


You’ve heard the adage that “nothing in life is free.” That includes your app, of course.

You didn’t launch it to keep eating Ramen noodles and living in a car for the rest of your days. And “no,” living out of your car is not a growth hack, as cool as you think that may sound!

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the vagaries of bootstrapping or your poor diet.

Let’s talk activation and how to give your users something that will help move them through your growth funnel.

But when we say ‘something’ this doesn’t mean you have to get all ‘freemium’ in order to get users to activate.

You can use small incentives or promotions in order to achieve the same desired effect. Read on to find out how.

Just Hack It:

  • Offering small incentives in order to help convert is nothing new. What is new is how to build these incentives into your app
  • For instance, if you run an e-commerce startup, at the final stage of the checkout process, you can get users to ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ in order to receive a certain amount off their order
  • You can take this concept even further by offering larger discounts at the point of purchase if a user signs up to your newsletter
  • This growth hack serves the double purpose of giving the user a tangible benefit in return for what is a low-commitment action while providing you with an additional opportunity to market to them.

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