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    Automated LinkedIn Connection Request

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    How to Establish Personal Connections with Users


Most startups, even those in the B2B space, don’t actively use LinkedIn for their marketing.

Many growth hackers also aren’t aware of its numerous benefits as a marketing tool and, as a result, don’t focus much on ‘hacking’ it.

However, LinkedIn is a powerful network that stands out above the rest due to its focus on professionals.

If used correctly, it can provide a very personal way to stay in touch with users.

Especially, if you are a founder or growth hacker in a B2B startup then you should be eating LinkedIn connections for breakfast.

The only problem is that in order to connect with a user, you have to manually send them a connection request which – unlike Twitter – they can choose to accept or decline.

And unlike Twitter, you can’t automate the process.

Also, some professionals are iffy about connecting with people they haven’t done business with.

Here’s a way to overcome these challenges.

Just Hack It:

  • The process is actually pretty simple
  • You need to set up an automated email that goes out to a user asking them to connect with you on LinkedIn
  • As LinkedIn does require a user’s email to be entered sometimes, you need to provide the email address you use for your account, just in case
  • The trick here is to set the email trigger after some sort of meaningful event, such as a product demo or an autoresponder series where the user opened every single email
  • Your goal is to connect to active users or prospects who have exhibited the right behaviors. Otherwise, all that work will be performed be in vain
  • Plus, the added benefit of being connected on LinkedIn with your users is that you often become privy to the content isn’t shared on their other networks
  • Happy Linking!

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