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  • The Hack

    Adding SaaS App to Chrome Web Store

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  • Growth Problem

    Increase Exposure for Your SaaS App


According to the browser usage stats published at W3Schools, more than 60% of those who access the internet do so using Google Chrome.

That’s more than half of the online population! What’s more, sales of Chromebooks are surging and have surpassed 5 million units in 2014.

As a growth hacker, this makes adding your app to the Chrome Web Store a no-brainer for the purpose of gaining additional exposure.

Not only that but an even lesser known hack is that you can also add your website too! Just imagine the added traffic-generating benefits of such a simple move.

Hopefully, you don’t need further convincing that this is a wise investment of $5. So, let’s get down to the business of actually adding yourself to the Chrome app ecosystem.

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