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Got $4,000 lying around and dying to grow your startup?

Look no further, we share lesser-known methods to blast through obstacles and get traction fast.

  • Traction, Yes! But What Is It Exactly?
  • How Do You Know When You’ve Seen Traction?
  • Our Book Can Help Get You to Traction
    • 100 Growth Hack Recipes
    • 9 Case Studies on some of the fastest growing companies like Shopify, Zenefits and Frank & Oak
    • Recommended tools and software for non-technical marketers
  • The Great Pyramid of Growth
  • Your Foundation: Product-Market Fit
  • Provide Value to Your Personas
  • Evacuate the Building – Interview 100+ Customers
  • Cheaply Pick the Brains of Experts
  • Know Your Numbers (Down to the Dollar)
  • Found Your Metric? Now Track It Obsessively!
  • It’s All in the (Brand) Name
  • Get Your Minimum Viable Product Out There
  • Prioritize Your A/B/C Tasks then A/B Test
  • Start With the 20% That Will Bring 80% of the Results
  • Never Stop The Conversation With Your Users
  • Never Lose a Visitor To Your Site
  • The Money Is Still in the List
  • Heat Up Your Conversions With Heatmaps
  • Know Your Keywords – Know Your Market
  • Make Blogging the Foundation of Your Content Strategy
  • Spruce Up Your Look… With a Brandbook
  • When People Watching Makes for Profit
  • Capture EVERYTHING With Forms and Then Score Leads
  • Micro-Test Your MVP With AdWords
  • Warm Up Your Email List With Facebook Pre-Targeting
    • The RIGHT WAY to Launch a Startup:
    • Minimize Cash Burn
    • Test Early and Frequently
    • Maintain Ongoing Customer Communication
    • Use Cheap and Accessible Technology
  • Systematize Your Learning
  • Case Study: Frank & Oak
    • Pivoted Off Of First Business, Modasuite
    • Pre-launch Got Them 12,000 Signups
    • Viral Loop Got Them Tons Of Referrals
    • Premium Threads For Under $50
  • The Infinite List of Excuses to NOT Launch Your Startup like a Growth Hacker
  • Launch Your Startup Now or Regret It Later – Its Never Been Easier!

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