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For many web marketers and SEO professionals, Google Analytics (GA) is the de facto tool for measuring and tracking site performance in major search engines.

Yet, when it comes to GA, odds are even so-called “power users” aren’t getting as much mileage as they possibly could.

What if you could track social media engagement quickly in your GA Dashboard?

Or how could you benefit from automated analytics data reports sent directly to your inbox?

In this post, we will uncover six uncommon yet powerful GA tools that will help you get even more out of your SEO strategy.

Metric Review

Metric Review, a new Google Analytics tool, starts with the assumption that you’re not getting the full picture with your current shortsighted Google Analytics strategy.

This tool does a thorough analysis of your Google Analytics dashboard configuration and provides real-time recommendations for improving how you gather and interpret your own inbound site/traffic data.

You can start with a basic audit free of charge, or you can opt for a complete and thorough Google Analytics analysis for $49.

Jimmy Data

Jimmy Data is another new tool that helps you make sense of and automate Google Analytics and Google AdWords reporting.

The tools let you analyze, customize and automate in-depth reports straight from your Google Analytics or AdWords dashboard.

You can also download to PDF form and share with your colleagues or clients with ease.

Check out the site for in-depth use cases and pricing structure information.


For those interested in conversion management, Levers may be a good fit.

Levers’ Blueprint application is still in the beta testing phase, but still offers a wide range of dynamic features that can help you improve conversions.

With Levers, you can easily set e-commerce targets while gaining insights from goal completions in real time.

Through the Levers algorithm, you can automate all of these processes and get instant recommendations provided by Levers.


In a nutshell, qunb helps you turn your raw Google Analytics data into clear, easy-to-understand data narratives or stories.

This allows you to skip the mundane work of turning spreadsheets into a cohesive story that you can share with clients and colleagues.

The qunb tool posits that every website has many stories to tell—from audience engagement to revenue generation to SEO or social media engagement.

Qunb helps your organization tell this story in a clear, meaningful and visually appealing way.


MoreMetrics.net enables greater granularity when reporting on social media engagement.

Imagine being able to show Facebook fan or Twitter follower stats in the Google Analytics dashboard.

With MoreMetrics.net you can show that and a lot more.

This allows you to focus more on improving social media engagement.

You no longer have to spend hours upon hours jumping from site to site, monitoring KPIs that might now be all that “key” to your social media engagement strategy.

Brief Metrics

The Brief Metrics concept is simple, get quick and easily-digestible reports via your email inbox.

Skip the bulky PDF downloads and get beautiful, visualized Google Analytics data that you can quickly review and use to boost your site performance.

From there you can easily create branded reports and documents that you can show to clients.

In short, Brief Metrics lets you take full control of your Google Analytics reporting with a lot less legwork.


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