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I recently sat down with Martin Sawbridge from DesignThinkers Group to talk about design thinking (which when you consider the companies name is pretty obvious what we are going to be talking about)

Martin has worked as the Design Manager at Air New Zealand where his primary focus was to build, develop and lead Air New Zealand’s internal design team as well as Creative Director for Raydar leading the creative output for that agency’s portfolio of clients.

Over his career, he has worked with brands like V, British Airways, Mercedes-Benz, Kellogs, and TipTop.

He will be sharing everything you need to know about design thinking, the process and the five components of design thinking.

Learn more about the Design Thinkers Group and upcoming workshops during this episode.

In This Episode:

  • Background on the Design Thinkers Group
  • The design thinking process
  • Examples of design thinking
  • The five components of design thinking
  • Creating a challenge statement and reframing the problem
  • ‘Painstorming’
  • Number of startups that fail
  • The most important part of the design thinking process
  • Main types of prototypes that people should be aware of and what are they
  • The key to a good problem statement or challenge statement
  • Where people go wrong during the ideation phase of design thinking
  • Overcoming people who shut down ideas
  • Design thinking for ads
  • Three tips for doing good prototyping
  • What to expect at the workshops

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