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Once an iOS-only app, albeit a trendy one, Instagram is now a household name.

Its relentless march to the top, no doubt helped by its $1 billion sale to Facebook in 2012, as evidenced by growth to the tune of 23% during 2013.

Growth rate aside, it’s the 200 million active users that turn the heads of marketers.

The popularity of visual content and the strong proposition of Instagram enables brands who seek to connect with Generation Y to do so with exceptional results.

These curated posts are an excellent starting point for any marketer wanting to tell their brand’s story through amazing imagery.

In the Beginning

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Instagram, just like any of the other social platforms is no exception.

These posts are ideal for marketers who are new to the platform.

Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are one of the most important elements of marketing on Instagram.

These posts explain how to use them correctly.

  • How To Use Hashtags on Instagram: This post from the aptly named Hashtags blog explains how to choose the right hashtag while being as descriptive as possible.
  • Ride the Hashtag, Don’t Create It: An easy way to gain exposure for your photos is to add a trending hashtag to capture people searching for this term. Gary Vaynerchuk explains more in his post, and why, unless your name is Justin Bieber, you won’t single-handedly get a hashtag to trend on Twitter.


If you want to add a witty comment to one of your photos, these posts will explain how.

They will also explain how to delete the not so witty ones.

  • How to Bold Comments and Captions in Instagram: This useful post from CNET explains how to make your comments and captions stand out.
  • Five Essential Instagram Tips: Ever been frustrated that you can’t delete a Tweet? You won’t have that problem on Instagram. Among other useful tips, this post explains how to delete a comment or a caption – handy for any social faux pas that may transpire.

Photo Tips

The key to success on Instagram is not just knowing your way around a camera, although it will certainly help.

Instagram Tools

There’s a good chance that you’re using some kind of social media management system.

If you aren’t, you should probably consider doing so.

It makes life infinitely easier.

A Little Inspiration

From Sharpie to Burberry, there are several brands who have Instagram down to a fine art.

They manage to interact in a way which provides value and doesn’t appear overly promotional.

Find inspiration here.

Complete Guides

If you prefer to get an overview of Instagram marketing in one hit, the complete guide featured here delivers, and if you would prefer to stick with the visual route, there’s a snazzy infographic for you too.

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