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For the past 5 years, ROCKETSHP has worked with clients like Ask Nicely, Simply Payroll, Nymbus and Weirdly, gaining an enviable reputation for helping people from all over the globe achieve their digital growth goals. From getting more customers, to making more sales, to improving brand recognition and expertly explaining products or services to potential audiences, ROCKETSHP has an attractive track record of effective growth hacking.

This legacy started with the founder Mark Hayes, whose unbounded optimism and fast-firing brain were able to tap into the newest tech options for anyone brave enough to give something new a go. After being offered a job as Head of Marketing under circumstances he really couldn’t refuse, Mark left ROCKETSHP at the end of 2019 but we kept all the skills mastered during his time at the company. The next step for us was to find a strong communicator that could glue the core parts of the business together and lead our team past its previous peak.

Enter: Lily Richards. Our new Head of Strategy and Creative Direction, with both soft skills and hard knowledge we jokingly call her The Unicorn.

Lily has an incredible talent to ask questions that help people come to the conclusions she already arrived at. In addition to that there are tremendous benefits in hiring someone that used to be on the opposite side of the client relationship, which is true of Lily with her previous work as General Manager and Project Manager respectively for two ROCKETSHP clients.

As a team we’re now all about balance: We will continue to lead the fastest moving industry in the world and put the power of digital in the hands of business owners and innovators. Using our core strengths of data capture, creativity, strategy and common sense – we’re pioneering a new space, a genuine all in one service without the cookie cutter approach or the mammoth price tag – which means we’re the only external marketing partner your business ever needs.

If that’s what you’re looking for this year, give us a shout!


This is a question you MUST be able to answer. It must be very clear and here’s why  If you’re not clear as to what industry you’re in, you’ll never retain the proper clientele…

…if you retain any clientele at all.

So, if you feel like you’re in multiple industries, a hybrid, or you’re just not sure, watch this video of ROCKETSHP CEO, Gabriel Walker explaining how to seek clarity on your industry.

Before the digital age, companies were left to guess what consumers were doing, what they chose, why they chose it, how they chose it, etc. But now?

Now the guessing game is over… market validation is evolving.

Data allow us to know everything we ever needed to know about consumers… almost to a creepy degree, but HEY, it benefits both companies AND consumers!

Consumers aren’t hit with marketing they don’t care about and companies are able to serve consumers better messages, products, and services.

A car dealership can now target a soccer mom who just welcomed a new addition to the family and needs a roomier vehicle. THAT’S the power of market validation.

ROCKETSHP CEO, Gabriel Walker explains this in an incredibly informative video about how market validation is evolving.

Let’s say your analytics show that people clicked on Ad “A” more than Ad “B”… is that intelligence that Ad “A” is superior to Ad “B” and therefore you should only run Ad “A”?

Nope. That’s just a single data point. A mere fact in a much larger playing field. However, your decision to eliminate Ad “B” is intelligence based on data… but you already know more data is needed to make intelligent decisions, right?

Maybe Ad “A” gets more clicks but Ad “B” generates more sales… or better yet, higher-end sales. What if you eliminated solely based on that one data point?

That’s where we get into the true distinction between Data and Intelligence and that’s exactly what ROCKETSHP CEO, Gabriel explains in this video.