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With the rapid pace of change in online marketing, reading only a handful of blogs won’t keep you in the ever-growing loop.

For the latest marketing trends, best practices and current events, you need to keep up with a wide variety of sharp-shooting bloggers.

Luckily, we keep an eye on the marketing crusaders around here, and we’re ready to show them off.

We’ve compiled a list of – get ready for it – 72 marketing blogs, cherry-picked to give you a variety of top-notch reading materials that really matter.

While you can’t read every blog on the blogosphere, you can take each of these posts for a whirl to shore up your marketing skills and round out your industry know-how.

Order a venti and tip your barista, then buckle down and power through this list.

1. 99U – Tired of fulfilling someone else’s ideas? 99U gives you the tools to make your ideas a reality, taking the box and shaking everything out of it.

These techniques will quickly give your brain a boost, prompting new business growth.

At the very least, you’ll have some sparkling new ideas to share on Twitter.

2. Your First Customers – When you’re ready to establish up your startup, get this book.

Step-by-step guidance will bring customers to your virtual door.

It will cover all aspects needed to get the revenue rolling in – and fast.

Whether you need some support in customer development, calls-to-action, or cold calling, you will find it all here.

3. Paul Jarvis – Mine the treasures of this web designer’s brain by browsing these articles on freelancing, marketing, and creativity.

Paul always provides a refreshing read, putting his personal spin on marketing topics like a DJ scratching records.

Also, cute rats (rats aren’t normally cute, but this is the exception that proves the rule).

4. Chief Marketer – With almost everything you need to know about marketing, ROI, B2B, and lead generation, Chief Marketer is a great place to brush up on your skills.

You will feel more confident about your marketing plan after running through the tips and tricks shared here.

Don’t forget to browse through Chief Marketer’s extra content, including webinars, white papers, and marketing research.

5. ConversionXL – If landing pages give you cold feet, dive into ConversionXL.

Learn how to run circles around A/B testing and how to convert rubberneckers into happy customers.

You won’t even need a converter box for these conversions.

6. DataHero – Crunching the marketing numbers is the name of the game at DataHero, where they teach you how to gather, analyze and present your marketing data with a little bit of extra class.

Learn how to juggle the metrics and determine which are relevant to your business goals, and you can be a DataHero too. (Cape and secret identity not included.)

7. Email Design Review – The name says it all. This will be your go-to source for everything email, from HTML5 video embedding to mobile email design to coordinating your email campaigns with your overall social media plan.

When you need to reach customers, reach into their inbox.

Their attention will be firmly grabbed when you incorporate some of Email Design Review’s tips.

8. First Round Review – Stay informed of the latest startup-boosting techniques at First Round Review.

Even if your startup is well-established, stick around for some solid business advice that will keep your profits climbing.

9. Groove HQ – Watch a business grow in real-time, as the folks at Groove HQ share their journey to $100,000 in monthly profits.

Learn from their mistakes and their successes, all portrayed with refreshing honesty and wit.

Some of the best takeaways here include how to build a remote startup team, knowing when the hottest marketing trend is all wrong for your business, and how to keep growing when troubled waters keep rising.

10. Hubspot – Hubspot has it all – including the marketing kitchen sink! – within this collection of marketing articles.

Event marketing, PPC, branding?

Check, check and check.

Not a marketing topic is left behind, and your improved skill set will thank you.

11. Onboardly – Make your PR skills pop with the advice of these content marketing wizards.

Onboardly is like putty for marketing, filling in any gaps you may have in your PR plan.

Get the word out, or keep this little gem all to yourself.

12. Piqora – Piqora follows the big three in image marketing: Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your images once they’re released into the blogosphere – and how to make the most impact with them – then you need this blog.

With in-depth marketing tactics, you can win customers over with that picture that’s worth a thousand words.

13. Optimizely – You thought your conversion rates were optimized – and you were wrong.

You will always find another way to fine-tune your optimization rates on this well-organized blog.

As the Internet turns, so do the marketing strategies needed to keep your business freshly positioned in the Internet’s eyes.

14. KickoffLabs – Make your landing pages ready for takeoff with the highly tailored advice from KickoffLabs.

Their focus on marketing campaigns, product launches, and landing page conversion and design will prepare you for nearly any eventuality.

15. Ambassador – This blog has a dash of everything you might need to win customers over to your brand, from building loyalty to solving e-commerce issues.

If you want customers to sing your praises to their friends, hand them the mic with these tips.

16. The Content Strategist by Contently – Long live the content king! The Content Strategist tells you how to find content, how to create content and how to market content, pulling pop culture examples to keep the lessons light.

Besides learning some excellent content marketing tricks, you’ll often have a good laugh.

17. The Conversion Scientist – Have a piece of the conversion science pie.

If you need all the steps to conversion spelled out, along with the science behind it, you won’t want to miss this blog.

Your customers will no longer be a mystery when you take a peek at how their brains react to your campaign efforts

18. SumAll – Social media marketing has never looked so good.

Find out all the details on the latest social media trends, and the lighthearted attitude makes marketing feel fun. (Who says marketing isn’t fun?)

19. SociallyStacked – Build and track relevant social media campaigns with advice on SociallyStacked. Keep up on the latest Facebook news and what it means for your social media plans.

Learn how to make your giveaways, promotions, and campaigns more effective.

20. Social Triggers – Get inside the minds of your customer base with one of the top marketing and psychology blogs.

Trip their triggers, and your list will grow in no time.

At least, you will learn how to win them over to your business’s side and make them loyal customers.

21. Simply Measured – Keep up on social media news, trends and events while building your brand.

Not afraid of getting their hands dirty, the folks at Simply Measured are willing to dig deep into social media techniques, giving you the nitty-gritty on what works and what doesn’t.

22. ReferralCandy – While their name may be sweet, ReferralCandy is serious about one thing – getting customers into your sales funnel.

Boost the bottom line with powerful customer acquisition tactics, and learn how to make the most of referrals.

With a bit of friendly persuasion, brand loyalty will be like second nature to your willing subjects – that is, customers.

23. Really Good Emails – For a dose of visual stimulation, browse this illustrative blog full of fantastic examples of winning emails.

Find a campaign that speaks to you, and emulate their successes in your next email blast.

The littlest details can often make the biggest impact, and even if you don’t make the sale today, email subscribers will remember your cleverness.

24. Crazy Egg – A/B testing and conversion optimization need constant tuning to find the right frequency for your audience.

Crazy Egg gives you the tools to tune the dial in the right direction, leading to more happy customers and a fatter virtual wallet.

25. KISSmetrics – Ready to hack your metrics?

Find out what metrics matter and which loyal customers are giving you the business with this strategy-building blog.

You could easily spend a lot of your blog reading hours here, debating which test you should implement first.

Don’t hesitate to take a piece of advice from here and run with it, you won’t regret it.

26. Percolate – Content marketing has never looked so stylish.

Percolate helps you manage your brand while highlighting some of the best case studies and marketing tools.

Discover the stories that strike a chord, and go forth and do likewise.

27. TrackMaven – Digital marketing with a cute cartoon puppy?

Yes, please!

Build your marketing plan while being inundated with cuteness.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you; TrackMaven is cute, and they know their stuff.

28. Use Your Interface – Freshen up your business website with this collection of interface ideas for websites and mobile.

Snag the spark and let the inspiration transform your site into a user-friendly and visually stimulating experience.

29. Visual Website Optimizer – Don’t let a conversion ninja hit you. Scratch that, maybe you should.

These conversion ninjas will split an A/B test right down the middle and share the hidden wisdom of the ages.

Well, the Internet ages at least.

30. We Are Social – When your business is ready to take the social media plunge, consult the folks at We Are Social.

They help businesses dip their toes in the social media stream, building their voice and brand while avoiding profit-damaging gaffes.

31. WiderFunnel – The sales funnel doesn’t have to be a tornado. Take a deep breath; it’s nowhere as scary as that. WiderFunnel makes things easy with a relaxed take on the issues that matter most to customer conversion.

Don’t miss their take on creating a unique value proposition so you can position your business as a confident player in the market.

32. Zapier – With all these blogs to check out, how will you get any marketing done? Zapier’s got it covered.

Productivity and workflow is the name of the game here so you can get things done while staying on top of the latest marketing information.

You might even be able to skip the caffeine IV this time, as you streamline your processes to boost your marketing results.

33. Sam Solomon – Get some inspiration straight from the bear’s mouth. (Apparently, marketers like cute animals?)

Sam Solomon’s wise musings are infused with a comforting, personal touch while still imparting useful gems of information.

If you need a new perspective, spend your coffee break reawakening your marketing muse.

34. Signal Tower – What’s better than an insightful case study?

Signal tower offers in-depth interviews with successful business owners and thought leaders.

Make it personal and make it count by learning from some of the best marketing successes in the digital age.

35. Socialmouths – The premise at Socialmouths is simple: delivering advice about online success. The content is not to be missed.

Facebook marketing, blogging and email advice will give your marketing efforts that little boost needed to sustain them.

36. Signal v. Noise – Brought to you by the project management masters at Basecamp, this blog covers a little bit of everything a marketer might need.

From interviews to step-by-step instructions, you know you’ve got all the bases covered.

37. Sparksheet – Spread the word about any and every aspect of your business with the tips and insights from Sparksheet.

Creating and sharing valuable content to get your business noticed is the goal here, and they are right on target.

38. Startup Marketing at Ryan Gum – Check out Ryan Gum’s insights from the marketing trenches.

If your startup needs a jumpstart, connect your battery cables to real-world experiences of customer acquisition and growth.

39. The Data Point – Measuring metrics doesn’t have to be a headache when you stop by The Data Point.

Full of advice on how to make the most of the numbers, you will soon have a firm grasp on what matters and what doesn’t.

40. Emble – Quirky and personable, Emble doesn’t settle for the status quo. Event organization tips – along with their app – make collecting funds and directing customers to your gathering a breeze.

Their upbeat attitude will make marketing seem like fun.

41. Unbounce – Landing pages don’t have to follow the same cookie cutter mold.

Spice them up with the design ideas and templates offered at Unbounce, along with solid A/B testing advice.

42. Vero – Email marketing has never been easier than with this wealth of knowledge at the click of a mouse.

Vero is a comprehensive resource for making email marketing simple while drilling down to advanced hacks for the veteran email marketer.

43. Which Test Won – Don’t have time for A/B tests? Take advantage of this goldmine of test results, from which email headline to use to how to display your prices.

Get your startup off the ground with solid results from marketers just like you.

44. ZURB – Product design and UI tips are just the beginning over at ZURB.

Discover the hottest marketing strategies by letting the wisdom of those who have worked with over 200 startups wash over you.

45. SaaS Growth Strategies – Everything you need to know about marketing SaaS, and it’s gluten-free. Okay, you don’t have to worry about gluten intolerance here, but instead, you can wrap your brain around the intricacies of SaaS with straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

46. Quick Sprout – Gain traction on the Internet highway with this blog devoted to increasing your website traffic.

No looking out for tailgaters or road rage here.

Quick Sprout is the Internet GPS, navigating customers to your business and taking the exit to your sales funnel.

47. OkDork by Noah Kagan – Grab a taco and pick the brain of a successful startup guru – the tacos are supplied by Noah Kagan, and the advice is too.

Explore the world of email marketing, building a startup from the ground up and how to market like a boss.

48. Monetate -Always en pointe, Monetate is a powerful player in customer segmentation, cloud-based testing, and personalized marketing campaigns.

The blog is full of customer attention-grabbing solutions, perfect for reviving a lackluster audience.

49. Mixergy - Looking for a crash course in entrepreneurship?

Crash on into Mixergy, which gives you the rare opportunity to learn from over 1,057 interviews with star startups.

For a deeper look, check out the over 144 courses on nearly every business topic imaginable.

50. Michael Fortin – Drawing upon his copywriting and marketing experience, Michael Fortin explains difficult marketing topics with an easygoing yet direct touch.

Nervous about creating sales copy, or never participated in a joint venture before?

Don’t worry, Michael’s got you covered.

51. Meet Content – Maximise your content with this library of content marketing resources.

From analysis to usability (there must not be anything that starts with Z) your content needs are covered, with thoughtful consideration for what a content marketer needs to make the magic happen.

52. Little Big Details – Highlight the visual aspects of your website and mobile apps with design inspiration from Little Big Details.

Their showcase of UI designs and interactive design features will surely get the creative juices flowing.

53. Litmus – Email marketing isn’t just content; graphic design and infographics are quickly becoming the name of the game.

Litmus is on top of that game, with email marketing guidelines that help you make the most of the visual aspects while

54. Conversion Voodoo – Conversion Voodoo is where the conversion rubber meets the road.

Their primary focus is on maximizing the landing page or microsite, where the sales happen.

Forget funnels (okay, don’t actually forget them); the action is on the landing page, and it’s time you revamp it to increase those sales.

55. Justin Jackson – Justin Jackson offers solid marketing, sales, and blogging advice, but more importantly, he directly addresses the marketer reading behind the keyboard.

You don’t market in a vacuum, and you can’t grow your business without taking care of yourself.

His unique version of marketing wisdom turns the focus inward, highlighting areas where you are the catalyst for change in your business.

56. Iterable – Chock-full of email graphic design and e-commerce strategy advice, Iterable laser targets potential weaknesses and shows you how to blast them out of the water.

Not above sharing gifs of a cat in a Godzilla costume, Iterable has the social savvy to keep you abreast of Internet trends that make a sales difference.

57. Help Scout – After all of this talk about marketing, it’s time to refocus on what matters: the customer experience.

Help Scout is, well, here to help.

Build your customers’ loyalty by genuinely caring about the issues that affect them, and they will rave about your customer support skills.

58. Growth Everywhere – Everyone loves talking about growing your business, but unless your business is a plant, it may take more than water and sunshine.

Geared for the eager entrepreneur, Growth Everywhere has a handle on what it takes for an Internet startup’s success.

59. Gregory Ciotti – Give your content strategy a boost when you take a chapter from Gregory Ciotti, Help Scout’s lead content strategist.

Whether you’re creating your own content or hiring a content creation team, you will find the tools you need here.

60. GatherContent – Find the ultimate guide for content curation on GatherContent.

After all, you’ve created so much content, but now what?

Here, you will learn the proper application of content and how to make it matter to your target audience.

61. Copyblogger – If you’ve never visited Copyblogger before, welcome to the Internet!

Go check it out (but in another tab).

Easily one of the biggest names in copywriting, Brian Clark has amassed a complete content marketing education, free for the taking.

The blog itself is a virtual encyclopedia of content creation and should not be missed.

62. Copy Hackers – Conversion copywriting doesn’t have to be scary or unwieldy to manage.

Copy Hackers provide all the tools necessary to craft those winning words that will boost your audience, sales, and overall revenue.

Who knows?

You may not have to outsource your landing pages after giving this blog a try.

63. Conversion Rate Experts – When your clicks don’t turn into customers, take a page from the experts.

Turning views into sales is their specialty, and their devotion to content marketing is enviable.

64. Content Science – Not content with just making the sale, Content Science takes a broader look at how content creation affects the customer base.

With the latest content creation news, updates and analysis, they are an excellent resource for keeping track of social media’s pulse.

65. Chris Dixon – Chris Dixon is a well-known thought leader, as well as co-founder or investor of many well-known technology startups.

His insights on the state of the Internet shouldn’t be missed, as they are thought-provoking and reflect the current marketing consciousness.

66. Beautiful Email Newsletters – Wax on, wax off – your dusty old email templates that is.

Browse this gallery of engaging email designs and find what styles are on the cutting edge and which are old hat.

But wait, there’s more.

You’ll find a steady stream of solid email marketing advice that you can build solid campaigns on.

67. Andrew Chen – With his finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley, Andrew Chen shares his perspective on the tech world.

Don’t let his geeky charm fool you; Andrew has excellent viewpoints on growth hacking, viral marketing, metrics analysis and more.

68. A Better Lemonade Stand – Why reinvent the wheel when you can hack the lemonade stand?

This e-commerce blog makes startups look simple, celebrating the Internet as the entrepreneur’s playground.

Find solutions to all of your e-commerce troubles, and turn them into glowing successes.

69. SingleGrain – Build your content marketing strategy from the ground up after you’ve checked out the content marketing lessons from SingleGrain.

Each post takes you through all you need to know about every aspect of content and conversion marketing.

Geared toward larger businesses, SingleGrain has plenty to offer every marketing campaign, so don’t hesitate.

70. Moz – Everybody loves Moz. At least, every marketer does, anyway.

Marketing and analytics are Moz’s heavy-hitters, but their content knowledge is impressive as well.

You’ll easily pull an all-nighter checking out everything they have to offer.

71. AuthorityLabs – These folks have earned their SEO chops.

With thorough explanations of the necessary tools to make a business successful, they most likely have the answer when you’re thinking of a business solution but don’t know how to go about it.

Go on, dig through their archives; you may get your hands dirty, but it will be worth it.

72. WP Curve – Since WordPress is an Internet-famous blogging platform, learning how to maximize those blogging efforts should be at the top of the to-do list.

WP Curve has the goods, helping your business succeed with a heavy dose of content marketing.

You will have to do the heavy lifting, but with WP Curve, those dumbbells will actually be balloons.

Congratulations, you made it! 

Does the marketing world seem a little bit smaller and easier to navigate now?

That’s the sweet feeling of becoming a master of your craft, and we won’t even ask for partial credit!

Don’t worry, you can thank us later with hot chocolate and cookies. Or, just by going forth and leading your industry in marketing.

The good news is, after reading this list, you’re already well on your way!


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